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Available by the Flight, Glass or Bottle

In 2011, we added wine to our already-impressive list of unique food items for sale in our Orchard Store.  We've created several different blends, some of which use apples direct from our Orchard, and are only available in our Orchard Store.  Wine is available by the glass so that you can sip and enjoy the scenery of the Orchard, perhaps along with a bite from the Orchard Café. Our wines are also available by the bottle so that you can take a taste of the Orchard home with you.

Fruit Wines

Sweet No No

This wine is made exclusively with apple juice pressed at the orchard so it has to be good and the bouquet is nothing short of fabulous. A sweet dessert wine that will have you coming back for more!

Smooth Ozzie

An incredible apple taste with a BLAST of raspberry for the finish. One taste and you’ll see why we say it lives up to its name.

Tomorrow Promise

This sweet red medley of peach, melon & strawberry flavors is so refreshing its sure to make tomorrow’s promise!

Cranny Appleton

25% Cranberry 75% Apple- Move over turkey, cranberry has a new partner in crime APPLE- this wine just isn't for the holiday season it has a great light refreshing taste that you can enjoy all year long!

Newfie Peach

This unique Iowa Peach Table wine has a fabulous creamy flavor with that perfect peach pop that just screams SUMMER!

White Wines

Listed sweet to dry

Country Squire

The light and refreshing taste that one expects with an Iowa grown Edelweiss wine with just a touch of Lacrosse. The Squire himself recommends this one.

Quality Time

A sweet dessert wine made with the Lacrosse grape. Sweet with just the right amount of “Kick”, a taste you won’t forget!

There For You

100% Cayuga, semi dry white. This nearly colorless wine is bursting with several wonderful citrus and stone fruit aromas and flavors! A great wine for a quiet evening with an assortment of cheese and crackers.

Simple Pleasures

Dry White
This is a dry wine made with 100% Brianna- Starts dry but has a nice round finish!

Blush/Red Wines

Listed sweet to dry

Ashley's Blush

A sweet wine blended from a number of local favorites including Catawba with a hint of Concord, one sip of this wine will be sure to make you blush.

Barely Legal

A new twist on a long time favorite. This wine has the strong grape flavor of Concord with just a hint of Cayuga. Truly a wine so good its “Barely Legal”.

Kara Mia

60% Catawba/40% Concord - If you find our Good Neighbor too Dry and Ashley's Blush too sweet- this is your perfect match! 

Good Neighbor

Dry Red
A BOLD dry red from 100% St. Croix grapes. One of the best dry reds you can find, it’s just waiting to be paired with your favorite steak.

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