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$1.00 per Bloom

Our sunflowers were such a big hit last year that we're going to expand our flower selection even more this year!

Weather permitting we should start display and sales around the first of July and continue up to fall frost.  We hope to plant every 10 days so that we'll have beautiful flowers to harvest on a regular basis.  The zinnias will begin to come in a few days later then the first sunflowers.

We'll have precut flowers in the building or you can cut your own. We'll sell by the stem with a discount for bunch purchases.  Florists should give us a call as well as we can cut and deliver. 

Photography is encouraged although there will be a fee for photographers.

Many of you commented on the beautiful flowers Ashley had  planted around the giant chair just outside the west door, well, we've decided they were just too pretty to keep to ourselves!  So we'll be putting in a field of these beautiful flower to view and buy. 

This giant zinnia mix will have blooms in 12 colors: 

  • Lilac 

  • Salmon rose

  • Carmine rose

  • Golden yellow

  • Orange

  • Deep red 

  • White

  • Purple

  • Bright pink

  • Coral

  • Wine

  • Scarlet


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