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A few years ago it occurred to me that the Orchard would be a great place for a BBQ contest...
We had a lot of room and it just FIT

But for one reason or another it just didn't come together so the dream didn't go away but it was on the back burner.  As luck would have it, Ashley and Austin attended a contest in Shenandoah, IA last summer and came back with glowing reports as to all the fun they had AND it wasn't just them, the whole community came out!

NOW the dream was back on the front burner. 
I contacted the Kansas City Barbeque Society, one thing led to another, and We're now proud to announce the First Annual Ditmars' Red, White, & Blue BBQ event to be held Saturday, July 1st.
This is the real deal as KCBS will be sanctioning this event and the KCBS is the #1 organization in the country when it comes to BBQ.


June 30th & July 1st



BBQ Information

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All event meat provided by Council Bluffs Fareway (excluding competitors meat)

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