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June-bearers & Everbearer

Here at Ditmars we have june-bearers which produce one early crop and then are finished & everbearer which produces a large early crop and a second crop later in the season with a few berries produced in between also.

New variety planted in 2021: Albion 

Day-neutral strawberry with very large berries.

Conical-shaped berries with excellent flavor. Albion bears larger and slightly firmer berries

New variety planted in 2022: Wendy
This reliable variety produces large, brilliantly red berries that form a healthy wedge-shape. Not only is this picture-perfect plant known for its sizable berries, but it also has an impressively high yield with berries that ripen earlier than other June bearers.

Our Strawberries are sold by the pound. 


The peak season for strawberries is late May to Early July

They are available on a first come first serve basis.


Picking is over for 2022

strawberry planting 2020.jpg
strawberry planting 2020_2.jpg
20170531_200607 - Copy.jpg
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