Apple Pricing

$2.00 per pound (U-Pick and In-Store)

#40- Bushels: $55.00

#20 -1/2 Bushels: $ 35.00

Honeycrisp- $3.00 /LB

Ditmars Orchard

 & Vineyard



Apple varieties are listed by their general order of harvest although there is a large amount of overlap.

Lodi: Very Early season apple. The juiciness and tart flavor of the Lodi apples are best suited for making applesauce

Redfree: medium size summer dessert quality apple. Juicy, fairly crisp with mildly sub acid taste. Good for fresh eating, cooking and cider. 

Williams Pride:
 medium size, summer dessert quality apple. Dark purple coloring over a pale yellow background.  Good for fresh eating, sauce and cider.

Gala: very sweet, late summer-early fall apple. Pinkish red color is distinctive. Good for eating and an excellent addition to pies and crisps to add sweetness.

Ginger Gold-It has a crisp, cream-colored flesh with a sweet, mildly tart taste. The sweet apple also has a sharp flavor that provides a slight spiciness. Ginger Gold apples keep their shape when cooked, so they are great for tarts or pie apples. Make an early season apple sauce with a sweet and somewhat spicy flavor.

Golden Delicious- pale green to golden yellow in color, The flavor of these firm, crisp, white-fleshed apples vary:  has a sweet-tart flavor that can be enjoyed fresh, but can be a baking apple.

Jonamac- Best of BOTH apples, Medium size, firm fruit with 90% dark red color over greenish background. Flesh firm, crisp, high quality with flavor similar to McIntosh.

Jonathantart, dark red apple, prized in the Midwest for its flavor and use in baking and cooking. Also good for cider

​Sweet 16- Rosy red, crisp, juicy and sweet. Perfect fresh or baked into pies, crisps and cobblers

Honey Crisp: explosive crispness and taste. Considered by many to be the best of the eating apples. Color varies as does appearance.
No U-Pick  

Bella: Sweet, Juicy & crisp. This apple is great fresh eating or for making desserts.

Liberty: a red eating apple similar to the McIntosh but better for cooking. Good also for sauce and cider.

McIntosh: red eating apple, slightly tart, excellent for sauce and cider. #1 apple in the northeast United States.

Jonafree- Medium size, bright red, fully or nearly fully colored. Flavor is Jonathan-like, but less acid.

Empire: a McIntosh-red delicious cross which takes the best qualities of both. Highly prized in the northeast. Dark red with a creamy flesh. Eating, cooking and cider.

Early Fuji: Crisp, good keeping, sweet-tart apple, considered by many to be one of the best eating apples.

Red Delicious: discovered in Iowa, this dark red shiny apple has set the standard for years in terms of an eating apple. Not for use for other purposes.

Pinova: beautiful apple, yellow with pink blush. Duchess of Oldenburg and Cox Orange Pippin cross. Great taste!

Jonagold: Jonathan-golden delicious cross. Slightly tart with crisp taste. Great flavor, good in storage.

Chieftain: Jonathan, red delicious cross developed in Iowa. Best qualities from both varieties. Iowa’s true apple.

Enterprise: large glossy red apple. Very crisp, excellent for eating

Mutzu: a Japanese golden prized for its excellent flavor. Appearance varies but always crisp.

Granny Smith: the ultimate tart apple. Green and crisp. An excellent keeper. Great for eating and baking.